Comcast is currently dealing with phone outages Nationwide.
The issue seems to only be affecting the phone customers not using a PRI system.
Comcast support lines are also down.
At this time there hasn’t been a time frame posted for the system to be back up and running.


A security issue with was found with Quicktime over the weekend.
The US Department of Homeland Security is warning people to uninstall Quicktime.
Apple is not longer supporting the program and will not release a fix.
This problem only affects Windows computers.

To uninstall QuickTime,
open the Control Panel,
click “Uninstall a program”
under Programs, select “QuickTime” in the list, and click “Uninstall.”

The QuickTime uninstaller will remove both the QuickTime desktop application and the QuickTime browser plug-in. If you don’t see QuickTime in the list here, you don’t have QuickTime installed.

CNet Information:


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Windows 10 Installation

Microsoft has changed the Windows 10 optional update to a Recommended Update.
This will cause many systems to automatically install Windows 10.
There are several changes you can make to your update settings to prevent this installation.

Click Here for the Extreme Tech article about the changes.

Reports are starting to circulate about Microsoft Outlook crashing after the latest Windows Updates.
We are starting to get calls into our office and other local techs are reporting the same issues.

As soon as Microsoft confirms the issue we expect them to pull the current patches causing the issue and announce a fix.
We will post more information as it becomes available.

This is the article from ZDNet about the issue:


T-Mobile has been hit with a major data breach which affects the information of roughly 15 million customers. download

As reported by CNet: A hack of Experian, the company that handles credit checks for the wireless carrier, results in the loss of T-Mobile customers’ Social Security numbers, birth dates and names.

If you were a customer from Sept 1st 2013 to Sept 16th 2015 then you are affected by this.

For the complete CNet article follow the below link.

Wired’s Article:

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We have relocated to our new office at: 2605 Elm Hill Pike Suite B.
The new office is located in the same complex as before just in the next row of buildings up the hill.
We are at the corner of Elm Hill Pike and Royal Parkway.
If you are a current client please update your records with our new address.

Thank You


2605 Elm Hill PIke

Network Outage Resolved – AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile are now reporting all services running.
Could your business handle this same type of network outage lasting 24 to 36 hours ?

The outage that affected AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile is resolved and being reported as a hardware failure.postit_outage
What’s interesting is not long ago a United Airlines and Wall Street and happened to have network outages that were all reported on hardware and communication failures.
Those failures happened on the same days at almost the same time.
It would be interesting to find out why the layers of redundancy we expect to be in place didn’t bypass or help with locating the failures.
If hardware was the cause of these major outages then there needs to be an outside company brought in to review and setup new fail over and recovery steps.
We will never know the actual cause of these problems but it’s the reason I tell people to always think about how you would live and work if you didn’t have the internet for multiple days?
Many of the services we use today all require the internet to operate.
The stores in our area were cash only this afternoon because they could no process credit cards.
Do you have enough cash set aside in case ATMs were down for 24 hours or longer?
Could your business operate if you didn’t have internet access?
How would you handle payments?
Create a plan on how you would operate If you lost internet for 24 to 36 hours.
These are all things we all need to think about it.
Major Outages will continue and they will affect our lives the more we depend on them.

Although this is not tech related it is a great video tour of our city.
We hope you enjoy the Tour of Nashville.

Click here for a direct link to the video:

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Samsung Galaxy S6

As many users have waited to upgrade the date is almost here.features-screen
The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are set to be released in stores on April 10th 2015.
CNET has released it latest review of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

CNET Reviews
Click Here for the CNET Review of the Galaxy S6.

Click Here for the CNET Review of the Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung’s Product Page

Click Here for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Product Page.

From the information we’ve seen about the S6 and S6 Edge we expect users will be pleased with Samsung’s latest release.

Google Fiber: Nashville TN.:

Want to follow the installation progress of Google Fiber?
The link below will keep you informed of the installation progress in Nashville.

To learn more about Google Fiber follow the link below.

Currently the local download speeds for the home user can range from 6 mbps to 35 mbps.
That range is based on connections from ATT Uverse, Comcast, and Charter
Google Fiber can give the home user download speeds up to 1000 mbps – 50x Faster.

google fiber

We expect this service to bring many new businesses and opportunities to Nashville.
We’ve heard reports that installation in Nashville could take up to 2 years.
I’m sure when the design process is completed a timeline of coverage areas will be released.



google fiber