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Google Fiber: Nashville TN.:

Want to follow the installation progress of Google Fiber?
The link below will keep you informed of the installation progress in Nashville.

To learn more about Google Fiber follow the link below.

Currently the local download speeds for the home user can range from 6 mbps to 35 mbps.
That range is based on connections from ATT Uverse, Comcast, and Charter
Google Fiber can give the home user download speeds up to 1000 mbps – 50x Faster.

google fiber

We expect this service to bring many new businesses and opportunities to Nashville.
We’ve heard reports that installation in Nashville could take up to 2 years.
I’m sure when the design process is completed a timeline of coverage areas will be released.



google fiber

We normally try to avoid one company gaining such a large portion of a market but this change could help TWC customers.
TWC has been slow to upgrade it’s network and content over the years which is in stark contrast to Comcast’s continuous  work to improve it’s services.

Click here for the full article from CNet about these changes:

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